Design and testing


We manufacture all types of packaging made from corrugated cardboard, and we create them especially for each client, from the structural design to the prototype, real trials and their adaptation for industrial production.

We study the needs of clients from all sectors and lay out logistical solutions as well as direct access to point of sale.


We are pioneers of implementing smart-technology: We boast intelligent production systems and the top-quality certificaties, like ISO 9001.

We control every aspect of the process, from the spool to the pallet strapping, wrapping and labelling, with the latest top-of-the-range printing and die-cutting machines.

Versatile catalogue


We are an extension of your company. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern, therefore we are constantly innovating all facets, from using ligh-resistant pigments and antislip packaging, while creating a diverse catalogue of products that is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of each product.

We guarantee access to the complete specifications of our product range: blueprints, images, colours, mechanical characteristics, etc., so that you can check them with an external certification. Ask for our technical sheets.

Personalised packaging


We are specialists in creating personalised and innovative packaging. We adapt ourselves to your needs and we have high-quality printing systems at our disposal to ensure the best images for your products. Ask now for our personalised service.